Special Offers

New Patient Comprehensive Examination

Whyman House is pleased to be able to offer our full and comprehensive New Patient Consultation for £50.

This will take around 30 minutes and will give you a complete assessment of your oral health with recommendations for future preventative measures and/or treatment.

Ring on 01823 251718 to make an appointment for treatment or to discuss the options available.

Denplan Memberships.

Our Denplan Fees are significantly less expensive than the average fees charged throughout Taunton. Please phone for details on these fees or how to transfer from your existing practice.

In addition to the Denplan products we already offer we are pleased to be able to introduce ‘Denplan Essentials’ into Whyman House.

Denplan Essentials

Memberships are tailored to suit your needs and cover dental examinations and hygiene appointments, 10% discount on all treatments throughout the year, Worldwide Dental Insurance and free examinations for any children under 18yrs you register with us. Schemes start at just £7.95 per month

info-iconPlease contact us or phone 01823 251718 to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.